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E max Veneers 

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Nature does not always provide us with the perfect smile. Teeth might get chipped or stained in our daily lives. Your dentist can help you achieve the beautiful, vibrant smile you have always wanted by usingE.maxmaterials.

Ceramics in Dentistry

Usually we associate ceramics with tableware or china. The art of manufacturing ceramics is indeed one of the oldest crafts in the world. Today, special ceramics are also used in dentistry to give patients lifelike, natural looking smiles. E. max is a ceramic material which combines strength and beauty unlike any other dental restorative. 

Why all-ceramic material? 

The answer is easy:
Tooth restorations made of all-ceramics do not contain metal. Therefore, light can shine through them as it does through natural teeth. All-ceramic materials stand out for their
• Highly esthetic and natural appearance
• Long lasting quality
• Variety of colours 
• Compatibility with the human body 

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